Under construction in the Trudeau boatyards for over 3 months, the Tall Ship Tradewind launching into the Second Life Seas on Sunday, February 24 was witnessed by a very large and enthusiastic turnout. The event filled up the sims around Trudeau Cay in the southern United Sailing Sims and in my mind I was counting down seconds until a spontaneous region reset :) But she held and following the Christening by Larinda Cordeaux:


(Launch photos courtesy of Bato Brendel

(Launch video courtesy of Marktwain White) 

Tradewind’s slide down the ways took slightly longer than anticipated (boy, those scripts are the first to go in a void sim populated by 50 people!). She finally hit the water, settled to her waterline, and the party was on!

About Tradewind

Tradewind is the Trudeau tall ship. The shipwrights at Trudeau have modeled Tradewind after the ocean-going vessels from the great age of sail – boats used by whalers, mercantile traders, smugglers (and yes, pirates!). She is rigged as a brigantine with working square sails on her foremast, fore and aft on the main and staysails between the masts. Squarerigged vessels are best suited for following winds (blowing from behind the boat) and the great ships depended on the tradewinds for trans-oceanic crossings. Hence our name :)

Using a combination of rideable physical vehicle and avatar worn attachment, Tradewind offers the best of both worlds, realistic sailing for you and your passengers and crew in a beautifully textured, completely rendered – above and below decks – traditional tall ship. The Tradewind attachment can also be rezzed inworld for display and liveaboard purposes.  The full cabin interior primset rezzes separately to minimize the attached primcount while sailing.