The Tahiti Ketch has been part of our fleet since our early days – in fact it was our second release, built on the heels of our Trudeau 32. Now we are especially proud to launch our all new version of this classic, the Trudeau Tahiti II. As with her predecessor, she is modeled after the famous John Hanna design of 1935 that has taken many of it’s real life owners on voyages to the far reaches of the globe. Popularized as a cruising boat at a time when there were no production cruising boats, you bought the plans from Hanna, built it in your backyard, and sailed off to the south seas – if you were lucky :) They have been called little ships because they are built strong and sail flat.

Tahitis are still being built today in backyards and would-be circumnavigator’s reveries. We’ve just taken the wraps off of our completely rebuilt Tahiti. All new from the keel up, using a one piece sculpty hull (no more awkward prim joins on this Tahiti’s hull!), Tahiti II was designed in consultation with SL master skipper Thorvald Larsen (a Tahiti Ketch owner in RL). The little details, such as the height of the bulwarks, shape of the tiller and size of the cockpit well, as well as the big ones, such as her tenderness and performance on various points of sail, have been sweated just right.

Making her go is a version of the lastest Trudeau sailing scripts adapted especially for the ketch sailplan. As a bigger sister to the Twenty, Knockabout, and Leetle Cat, Tahiti II also offers apparent wind, sail reefing, windshadowing and much more. Come see her at Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts and see if you don’t agree!

tii-2 tii-6 tii-hh1.jpg


Naturally, a premium Trudeau boat wouldn’t be complete without a built-in selection of traditional nautical color schemes, including the tanbark sails. And, as with our newer boats, we are publishing Photoshop PSD templates for the hull and rudder (2.45MB), transom naming (213KB) and sail (4.61MB) graphics. Download them, customize them, apply them to your Tahiti and make her truly your own! (see this page for step-by-step naming instructions – Tahiti II follows her predecessor’s procedure).

Other Features of the Trudeau Tahiti II include:

  • Can be sailed either solo or in collaboration with a first mate. You can assign skipper permissions to others as well.
  • Realistic sailing including functional reefing when encountering overpowering winds and boat to boat windshadowing.
  • Moving tiller, rudder and helmsperson animations. Hard a-lee is really hard a-lee on Tahiti :)
  • 2 HUDs provide button control for the common boat handling commands and display of environmental conditions. The full featured HUD allows individual control over each sail, allowing the seasoned skipper access to such sailing concepts as wing and wing, jib backfill, etc. For the novice or lazy (horrors!) skipper, the EZ-Sail HUD controls all sails with a single click! If two isn’t enough, a 3rd info-display only HUD geared towards regatta racers who like to command their boats with chat and gesture commands is also included.
  • For overriding the fluky SL winds, artificial wind strength and direction commands which are translated into apparent wind. SLSF windsetter compatibility prompts you for acceptance of racewind.
  • Masthead pennant functions as apparent wind taletell.
  • Auxiliary motor to power you through those rare occasions when the wind dies down.
  • Since sim crossings can be unpredictable, copy and modify permissions.
  • Extra goodies – autorezzing drydock cradle when rezzed inworld over land. Half-hull model for display in your SL home.


Trudeau Tahiti II – 30 prims, 30.2 ft (9.2m) LWL, 37.7ft (11.5m) LOA, 9.8ft (3m) beam, 5.75ft (1.75m) draft


(As Tahiti is under the SL prim limit for vehicles, she’s a rideable,  with loads of detailing, but not with an enterable cabin).