What’s a Patchogue?




So what is a Patchogue?  Something like a cross between a pirogue and Patch Adams? Nope (but that does give me an idea for an avatar). It’s actually the name of a Native American Indian Tribe, but for our discussion it’s not a what, but a where. The village of Patchogue (named after that tribe), on the south shore of New York’s Long Island, was where the region’s greatest boat builder – Gilbert Smith – developed the Great South Bay Catboat into an art form. The Trudeau Patchogue was inspired by the designs of Smith, who as a contemporary of Nathaniel Herreshoff (the legendary Cap’t Nat was rumored to have visited Smith’s yard incognito at least once, trying to find out “how he made ‘em draw so little and go so fast”), evolved traditional workboat designs into amazing pleasure and racing craft.

Commerical Beginnings

The working boats that plied the Great South Bay in the mid and late 19th century, as platforms for such commerce as duck hunting and oystering, were designed as all such boats are –  in mind to the nautical conditions they operate in.  The Cape Cod catboats for instance, similar in purpose to Great South Bay variety, were designed to withstand the rough conditions off coastal New England – heavy construction, high freeboard, wide beam. Long Island’s Great South Bay, by contrast is a semi-protected body of water, shallow (average 6 ft. at low tide), with generally agreeable weather conditions. The boats there were lighter with a very shallow draft and lots of sail.

The rise of New York City’s leisure class coincided with the waning of hunting and shell fishing as livelihoods. Sailing moved as purely a means of commercial transportation to the realm of amateur yachtsmen, who purchased better, faster and newer boats for racing each other in recreational regattas. Smith adapted the vernacular Great South Bay Catboat to this purpose, constantly refining his designs for this demanding clientele. It is widely reputed that his boats have won more races than those constructed by any other builder on Long Island. He was most remarkable as a designer, builder and artisan as well as a stalwart believer in the beauty and strength of wind. In his decades of boatbuilding, Smith never once built a boat with a gasoline powered engine (though the Trudeau Patchogue does have that engine – shhhhh! nobody tell Gilbert Smith!)

Gilbert Smith’s Great South Bay Catboat (images © WoodenBoat magazine)

 The Trudeau Patchogue

With that bit of introduction, Trudeau proudly announces it’s latest offering – the Patchogue. It, like the great majority of Gilbert Smith’s designs, is a centerboarder catboat – one sail. Think of it as a bigger (beeger?) version of our popular Leetle Cat. The Patchogue has a list of features beyond that of her Leetle sister:

  • The aforementioned motor, popular with the cruising set.
  • Skipper and crew positioning, adjustable under sail, trims the heel of the boat.
  • Half a dozen built-in traditional color schemes.
  • 2 sail reef points.
  • Rezzing mooring buoy.


As with all Trudeau boats, Patchogue is modify permissioned allowing you to make her your own. These are the links to the Photoshop PSD templates for the hull (2.07MB), naming (242KB) and sail (144KB) graphics. Also contact the Trudeau sailmaker, the very talented Bunnie Mills, inworld for further information about sail customization.

For those of you wondering about alternatives for the flag, we can’t provide a graphic for every nationality, so we suggest retrieving images from sites such as this or do a Google image search. (edit: people have asked about whether I have 3D looking wavy flag templates – I don’t as it would require your flag image as the basis for the graphic. But here is a great step by step tutorial on creating a great looking flag. It’s true, the internet does have everything. ;)

Come take a look at her at Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts and (now that you know who he is ;) ) see if you don’t agree that Gilbert Smith lives on in Second Life!

Trudeau Patchogue Trudeau PatchogueTrudeau Patchogue


Trudeau Patchogue – 29 prims (carries skipper and up to two additional passengers/crew), 29 ft (8.85m) LOD, 11.5ft (3.5m) beam, 5.5ft (1.7m) draft (board down)

Trudeau Twenty Writeup


For seasoned and beginning SL sailors alike – Jane Fossett as an article on SLSailing.com with everything you wanted to know about the Trudeau Twenty. Handling tips, tactics for gaining maximum performance on various points of sail (with charts and graphs, no less!), and much, much more  – wow, theres a lot there that even I didn’t know! Thanks for the terrific writeup, Jane :)

The Leetle Cat!



Our latest Trudeau Classic Yacht was inspired by the Beetle Cat, a wooden one-design centerboarder catboat well-known up and down the northeastern US coast. The Original Beetle Cat Boat, named after the family who designed and originally constructed it, was introduced in 1920 and over 4,000 have been built to date. The Beetle Cat class has a long and varied history – it is one of the oldest classes raced actively and probably the only one still made of wood.

The design was taken from the catboats that were used for fishing in shallow waters along Cape Cod. The wide beam, with the rudder not extending below the bottom of the keel, and centerboard that lifts up are features that make this boat ideal for shallow waters. She is a boat that can be beached. The generous beam makes her unusually stable. Made entirely of wood, (oak frames with cedar planking) with no ballast, she is non-sinkable and the large decked area forward on the boat means spray falls on the deck rather than inside the boat. The rig is similar to that used on the old, large-size Cape Cod catboat, with the mast well forward, using a single sail.

The Trudeau Leetle Cat, with it’s single sail, is also easy to sail and ideal for novice SL sailors. While she is the leetle-est and lowest cost boat in the Trudeau line, she is not lacking in features including windshadowing, functional centerboard and sail reefing.


To keep the cost down, the Leetle Cat comes in one finish from the Trudeau boatyard. But we are publishing Photoshop PSD templates for infinite customization. Follow the links for Hull (1.07MB), transom naming (117KB) and sail (5.55MB) graphics. (see this page for step-by-step naming instructions – Leetle Cat follows the Sea Sharp procedure).

Other Features of the Trudeau Leetle Cat include:

  • Can be sailed either solo or in collaboration with a crewmate. You can assign skipper permissions to others as well.
  • Realistic sailing including functional reefing for overpowering winds, centerboard and the latest sailing feature for the Trudeau fleet – boat to boat windshadowing.
  • Moving tiller, rudder and helmsperson animations. Hard a-lee is *really* hard a-lee on the Leetle Cat :)
  • Onscreen HUD provides button control for the common boat handling commands and display of environmental conditions. An included 2nd info-display only HUD is geared towards regatta racers.
  • For overriding the fluky SL winds, artificial wind strength and direction commands which are translated into apparent wind. SLSF windsetter compatibility prompts you for acceptance of racewind.
  • Masthead pennant functions as apparent wind taletell.
  • Since sim crossings can be unpredictable, copy and modify permissions.
  • Extra goodies such as autorezzing drydock cradle when rezzed inworld over land.

Trudeau Leetle Cat – 29 prims,  17.7 ft (5.34m) LWL, 21.6 ft (6.6m) LOA, 8.9 ft (2.7m) beam, 1.4ft (.42m) draft board up, 3.45ft (1.05m) draft board down.

“Beetle Cat” is a registered trademark of Beetle, Inc.

New Trudeau HUD!


We at Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts were never completely satisfied with our HUDs. The text would never match up to the graphic it overlays for most screen resolutions. The SL-centric UI had worn out it’s welcome. A redesign was definitely in order and we had certain goals in mind:

Do away with as much HUD text as possible.

Emphasize a more naturalistic approach to sailboat control –  in keeping with the sensitory awareness of conditions around you and less on processing numbers. Make it more like real life sailing and less like an arithmetic exercise of matching sail angles to wind angles.

Intuitive buttons, icon based, and replace “hard” numbers with “softer” representation of conditions using analog dials rather than digital indicators. Now that seems more like the instrumentation that would be home on a classic yacht of the 19th and early 20th century!  Not to mention construction of mahogany wood and brass materials to fit in the design ethos of Trudeau Yachts :)

Here’s the design we came up with:

It is now a horizontal layout, from left to right are the wind direction, source and speed indicators, then the sail control panels, then other various control buttons. The HUD controls and surfaces explained:


By default there are no numbers, wind or sail angles displayed. Sail trim is determined by observing the conditions around you. In RL your sails will let you know when they are out of trim (sometimes quite forcefully ;) ) by the luffing motion and flapping sounds they make. The new Trudeau HUD does the same:

luffing indicator

Notice the luffing graphic. The faster it oscillates (and the louder the accompanying sail flapping sound is), the more your sail is out of trim. Sheet in a bit until it stops. Or the luffing might be caused by you “pinching” (sailing too close to the wind). In that case, fall off a few degrees until it stops. Does this sound more like real life sailing? We think so!

For those of you who must have numbers, don’t dispair, we still have you covered. Clicking on the Info Text button brings up a whole slew of precise data:

Since there is no exact text placement, the new HUD may be moved around and resized while onscreen without the problem of text misalignment. The HUD loads on the bottom center of the screen when worn. If you decide to resize the HUD, please work with a copy and stretch it slowly as it’s been observed that not all parts of the HUD resize at the same rate if stretched too quickly. The HUD’s opacity changes with the boat’s set alpha command.


The HUD has within it’s contents a notecard called settings.ini. Edit this card if you wish to change:

The number of degrees the sails are set with each click:

The color of the HUD text display (in the standard LSL RGB color vector):
Example: white = <1.0,1.0,1.0>
A color table is here

The overall strength of the luffing and tacking sounds – 0.0 (minimum) to 1.0 (maximum):

What, No Sync Button?

You are probably used to the Trudeau HUD with a “sync” button on it. The new HUD does not have this.  If you want to drop a copy of the HUD on someone else so that they may help you sail your yacht, please do the following.

  1. Rez the HUD inworld.
  2. You will see the message on the chatline “Trudeau HUD (<your name>’s boat): Channel burned in for <your name>”
  3. Take the HUD back into inventory.
  4. The HUD will now be titled “Trudeau HUD (<your name>’s boat)
  5. Give that copy of the HUD to your crewmember (explain to them it’ll be good for your boat only)

The Mysterious “Helpsail” Explained

All of the Trudeau Yachts broadcast data to the HUD for display. The helpsail chat command tells the boat to broadcast what the optimum sail angle should be for the current point of sail. The previous EZ-Sail HUDs of the Trudeau Rideable Yachts (Trudeau 32, Bluewater, Tahiti Ketch, Sea Sharp, Sojourner) did not display this. The new HUD does when the text is toggled on after giving the /1 set helpsail on chat command (except from when you are under racewind – that would be cheating!)


The new HUD comes in the EZ-Sail version as well. It has all the same features as the full HUD except that all of the boat’s sails are set with one control.

The Trudeau “Rideable” Yachts now have full HUDs for them as well.

The new HUD is compatible with most recent versions of our yachts and is a free update to all Trudeau owners. Look for the HUD update vendor at our Isla de Jacqinda marina!


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Secondlife brings back Windlight. OK, so there’s a few problems with shiny textures and other gotchas, but it overall it is stunning, just stunning.

sl_windlight.jpg WindTwilight WindNightLight

Well done LL, you’ve made a lot of sailors very happy. You will make them even happier when you smooth out those sim crossings ;)

Larinda Launched At Sailors Cove Boat Show


We proudly launch our topsail schooner “Larinda“, the largest and most elaborate sailing yacht of the Trudeau fleet.  After a flurry of building activity in the Trudeau yards, the last bit of varnish and antifoul paint dried just in time to make the opening of the Sailors Cove Sailboat show running Oct 14th though the 20th.


At 70 ft from sprit to fantail, she is influenced by the designs of famed naval architect John Alden, considered the world’s greatest schooner designer. Also reminiscent of the 19th century New England fishing schooners, she was lofted and built up from RL boat plans, so her lines and proportions are as exacting and true to life as we can make them.

Setting up the backbone

 Like the other larger Trudeau yachts, she is a combination vehicle (27 prims) and attachment (254 prims). Thanks to the ingenious sailing mechanics originally devised by Kanker Greenacre and modified by Jacqueline Trudeau specifically for the Trudeau line of yachts, she *really sails* using the SL wind.


Quite a few of those 254 prims were used in constructing a fully outfitted cabin, enterable via 6 opening hatches. Companionways in the split deck house are offset to port for easier access beneath the booms.  Below are 2 double berths – a forward vee-berth and aft double quarterberth, all with a couples lying cuddle poses. The “L” shaped settee cushions have correct sit orientation scripts, but of course you’ll probably want to add your own poseballs for your preferred belowdecks activities. ;)

Larinda’s foreward companionway  Larinda cabin looking forward  Larinda cabin looking aft

A selection of traditional nautical color schemes are set by voice commands.

black hull, tanbark sails  blue hull  green hull

 See Larinda and the rest of the fantastic boats at the Sailors Cove Boat Show running through Oct. 20th. And a BIG thanks to Tasha Kostolany, Izabella Bentham and Ravishal Bentham for organizing this fantastic SL event.

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