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Secondlife brings back Windlight. OK, so there’s a few problems with shiny textures and other gotchas, but it overall it is stunning, just stunning.

sl_windlight.jpg WindTwilight WindNightLight

Well done LL, you’ve made a lot of sailors very happy. You will make them even happier when you smooth out those sim crossings ;)

In time for holiday shopping…

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If you’d like to purchase a Trudeau yacht as a gift for a friend or loved one this holiday season, you are in luck. We’ve switched over to a vendor system that has a “Buy as a gift” option:

 Vendor Gift Option

Just click the “Buy as a gift” button, the vendor will prompt for the recipient’s name on the chat line. Your purchase (if done within the following 30 seconds) will go to the named recipient. It is better to give than receive, right? Right? ;)